Navigating The Criminal Justice System – A Guide For Anyone Going Through The System and The People Who Love Them!

This book is a wonderful tool for anyone currently going through the criminal justice system, as well as people who have family, friends, and loved ones going through the system. Providing helpful descriptions and a guide for expectations, this book examines the process of going through the criminal justice system from start to finish. Chapters cover everything from what happens during an arrest, going through the court system, and dealing with the correctional system to issues surrounding going to prison, getting out of the system, and moving on with life. Together these chapters provide a navigational guide that can help anyone better understand what to expect during the criminal justice system process.

Dr. J. Renee utilizes decades of personal experience with the criminal justice system, in a variety of formats – as an offender who spent several years going in and out of the system herself, as a crime victim surviving experiences with violent crime, and as a loved-one with family and friends who have been involved with the system. In addition she spent many years while growing up, and as a teenager and young adult, living in high-crime neighborhoods where street crime and violence were common occurrences.

These experiences complement the degrees that she has earned during her academic career. These include the A.A. (Associate of Arts), focused in Juvenile Justice, a B.A. (Bachelors of Arts) in Criminal Justice, a M.S. (Masters of Science), in Criminal Justice and Criminology, and a PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) in Juvenile Justice. In addition, after spending many years working in nonprofit and community based corrections, she has spent the last several years conducting research and teaching, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, Dr. J. Renee currently serves as an Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice at Lincoln University of Missouri.