I am a Criminologist, a Professor, an Author, a Lecturer, and an Activist. I’m currently teaching at Claflin University in South Carolina. In addition to my teaching, I’m currently available for both professional and motivational speaking engagements. Additional services include providing trainings in the Restorative Justice of Peacemaking Circles.

Throughout this website, you can access my published papers, new and forthcoming papers, books and my various engagements. My CV is also available along with information about me and my teaching philosophy.

I started studying the criminal justice system because I had so much experience in the system and one of my very first professors convinced me it was where I needed to focus my work… Initially I was just trying to learn some things that would help me serve my community and even after all of these years this is still a central theme.

I grew up in the system and in the streets. I got locked up at an early age and spent my teenage years navigating my way through both the juvenile justice system and then the adult criminal justice system as well. I had a hard life growing up and it was really tough but it wasn’t impossible and with grace and mercy I was able to get through it… not getting stuck along the way and making it out alive…. I will always be extremely grateful for that fact.

Newest Book Released:

January 1, 2016

A guide for anyone going through the system – and the people who love them.